Accessing Email

Our mailservers support both IMAP & POP3 access, and can be accessed from all common computer email client programs, and smartphones.

Choosing IMAP keeps the emails on the server even after receiving and reading them, but over time can use a considerable amount of space if you get alot of email. POP3 access means the email is deleted from the server once your email program has received it, which frees up that space in your hosting account.

Email Account Settings for your Email Client Program:

  • Incoming Mailserver:
  • Outgoing Mailserver (SMTP):
  • Outgoing Port:   26   (your email program will have this set to 25 by default, if you don't change it to 26 you will probably get errors when trying to send mail out)
  • Username:   this should be the FULL email address
  • Password:  use the password you set when creating the email account in CPanel
  • The default security settings in your email program should work fine, if there is a option to say that server requires authentication for outgoing mail, tick this setting.
Accessing Email via Webmail
  • In your browser, go to  or
  • Login using the FULL email address, and the password set when creating the email account in CPanel
  • You will be offered a selection of webmail apps to use, we recommend 'roundcube' :)

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